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Hydraulic Fluids

Designed to improve the rust and corrosion resistance, reduce energy and fuel consumption and provide reliable protection, Rural Oil Store stocks a range of hydraulic fluids for your machinery. As a certified FUCHS supplier, you can find the best range and highest quality products that not only transmit hydraulic energy but assist in heat transfer, contamination removal, sealing, and lubrication.

If your hydraulics are operating with inefficient pumps or motors, the hydraulic fluids available at Rural Oil Store can carry excess heat into a system during cold starts. This will prevent overheating damage to seals and internal components. Hydraulic fluids will also assist in carrying away particles and water from components through filters or other conditioning devices.


As an extension of Rural Fuel Supplies, Rural Oil Store is a newly established brand line delivering high-quality products and offering exceptional customer service. With customer satisfaction at the forefront of the team’s priorities, you can rely on the best advice and product recommendations.

Backed by support and certification by FUCHS, Rural Oil Store only stock products that meet and exceed the relevant API, SAE and ISO standards.Get in touch with the team at Rural Oil Store today for more information on their range of hydraulic fluids.

About Rural Oil Store

After 40 years in the farming, agricultural and earthmoving industries, owner-operator David Redshaw extended Rural Fuel Supplies to include the sale of oils and lubricants known as Rural Oil Store. As a certified FUCHS supplier, you can find the best and highest quality hydraulic fluids that will extend the longevity of your equipment and reduce energy consumption. With this additional product range, David’s team has grown to be the leading supplier of hydraulic oils and other earthmoving oils and lubricants in Caboolture and north Brisbane.

To complement their range of fuel supplies, Rural Oil Store now also offers a range of products such as engine, hydraulic and gear oil, penetrating oil, greases, degreasers, hand-cleaners, grease guns, and fuel pumps (both drum and electric). They also have a range of tanks both onsite and transportable ute tanks for a hassle-free service.

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With over 40 years of industry knowledge, David Redshaw has established a brand that can assist locals in finding a reliable and efficient solution to their oil and lubricant needs. Stocking a range of products that are supported by research and certified as sustainable yet cost-effective, you can rest assured you will find value for money from the FUCHS products available at Rural Oil Store.

For more information on the range of products available at Rural Oil Store, get in touch with one of the experienced team members today or visit the oil store in Caboolture.

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